Val Tierney

Val Tierney is a professional artist working in a variety of media and techniques. In her mixed media works she uses printmaking techniques combined with the use of acrylics, gouache, inks and collage. The subject for these works has been mainly based on observational studies of landscape and natural forms.

A painter/printmaker by training, her interest in light over the landscape and constantly changing seasonal patterns has always been a source of inspiration. She counts herself fortunate to be surrounded by the dramatic qualities of original old water meadows, both around her studio in Hampshire and her home in the coastal region of Normandy.

"It is the timeless qualities and mood of these special places that draws me back again and again..."
Her recent mixed media/silk fibre work continues to evoke the spirit of landscape and place. She conveys the emotional memories of the mood evoked by a landscape rather than a search for realism, not literally representational but not always unrelated.

Forms, dramatically distorted by volcanic debris in the Canary Islands have given rise to a series of silk fibre works describing the power of natural forces. They were produced in response to a visit to the Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote and the mixed media works of Cesar Manrique. The rhythms, colours and textures of the lava fields are captured in these pieces.

Within her hand dyed silk fibre works the shapes of nature and organic forms are blended with emotional and expressive textures and colour. By working pattern over pattern and using different transparencies of dyes and metallic fibres and foils she produces images that evoke the mood of the original subject. These works are produced instinctively, with the medium taking over after a certain point. Val's recent skyscape and still life work has developed from original needle felting techniques using silk and wool fibres combined with printed chiffon.